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Located in the center of Japan, Central Japan is surrounded by beautiful nature such as the Sea of Japan, the Pacific Ocean,
the Japan Alps, and Mt. Fuji. It has many different ways of enjoyment, since this area is the birthplace of culture of Samurai, and also has a head office of TOYOTA. It is easy to access to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, because of its location, which give us a superior convenience as the spot of visiting Japan.
We held an interview with Taiwanese tourists who came to Central Japan!

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport/ Central Japan International Airport Centrair - Enakyo Cruise Boat - Walking Kisokodou - Magome - Nagano prefecture
Nagano prefecture - Matsumoto Castle(one of four castles designated as National Treasures of Japan) - Shinhotaka Ropeway (the first aerial lift in Japan) - Takayama's Historic District "Sanmachi-dori" - Gifu prefecture
Gifu prefecture - the Gassho-zukuri in Shirakawago(UNESCO World Heritage Site. The houses whose grand roofs resemble hands clasped in prayer) - Kenrokuen (one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan) - Higashi Chaya District - Yunokuni no Mori (traditional handicrafts and Kaga culture) - Ishikawa prefecture
Ishikawa prefectrure - Bokka no Sato - Gujo Hachiman - duty-free shop - Underground shopping arcade in Sakae - Nagoya
Nagoya - Central Japan International Airport Centrair - Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

No.1 A sightseeing

The popular beautiful snowscape which lead you very fantastic view!

When we asked them the impressive spots, all of them answered the place
with the view of snow. The white and shiny snow. It doesn't snow much in
Taiwan, so they will be excited with the snowy space. A particularly popular
spot of snowscape is the Gassho-zukuri in Shirakawago.
The Gassho-zukuri is a Japanese architectural style, and it is said that the
term of Gassho-zukuri came from the fact that the shape of the roof
resembles that of praying hands. It is designated as a world heritage,
and more than 210,000 foreign tourists visit there every year. You may
enjoy the fantastic scenery such as white mountains that spreads behind
Gassho-zukuri, and snow falling silently in the air. You will also relish that scenery and sightseeing at Matsumoto-jo Castle (a national treasure),
hot springs, and "Bokka no Sato" where you can spend time with animals.

Hida takayama

  • Shirakawago
  • Hida takayama

No.2 "Omotenashi"

The spirit of “hospitality” & “give-and-take”

Some of visitors are surprised at polite response from Japanese. "The spirit
of hospitality" have taken root in Japan. "The hospitality(Omotenashi)" is the mind of concerning for other, and warmhearted treating and serving to
guests. You feel that spirit in many occasions such as hotels and restaurants.
Some of the Taiwanese tourists said that they want to teach Japanese
manner and spirit to their children.
Also, there is a big difference about the traffic manners. It is normal to
Japanese that people drive with giving way to others. Japanese tried not to
bother anyone and follow order. Let's find some Japanese habit and culture
in any spots.

omotenashi image

  • public manner
  • trafic manner

No.3 Tourism websites

All we need is fulfilling tourism website

What we need during travel is the information of the tourist spots such as
weather forecast, transportation system, restaurant, and toilet. Some of the
tour come with tour guides, but information of the destination is necessary
in advance.
There's a great demand for website dedicated to tourism information.
Moreover, the information such as weather forecast and navigation is
necessary in real time when you get there. Tocheck those information,
wi-fi is required, which is one of the big task in Japan.

visit central japan website  weather news website

No.4 Souvenirs

The typical souvenir in Central Japan

When it comes to travel, what we want is souvenir. The characteristic
regional souvenir, snacks, and Japanese brand are popular. In Central
Japan, each region has its own characteristic; "Sarubobo" in Hida Takayama,
craft-work in Magome, and Japanese confectionery such as Kintsuba cakes
and Rakugan.
Especially, snacks are perfect for souvenir, since they are wrapped neatly
even little ones.
Japanese product have a reputation for safety and trustfully; medicinal
product such as eye-drop and digestive medicine, and beauty product such
as hand cream and eye mask are popular.
Some of the interviewee bought too much gifts for their friends, and their
suitcases were packed full. People fascinated by Japanese subculture are
increasing. One of the Japanese characters called "Rirakkuma" gains
popularity in Taiwan. Some of those character products sold only locally,
which gives tourists one more pleasure.

shopping in nagoya city

  • Soubenirs
  • Sarubobo

No.5 Beauties of Central Japan

Full of fascination in Central Japan

All of them who cooperated to the interview answered that they want to come
visit Japan again. Because of the quality of people, nature, and culture, you want to visit here again.
There are much more appeals in Central Japan such as Toyota Plant Tour,
Kirin Beer Park Factory Tour, and special gourmet. If you come to Japan for
the first time, or you have been to only Osaka and Tokyo, please come visit
this fascinating area. You will discover new attraction in Japan.

tourism of Central japan

  • Hitsumabushi
  • kanazawa castle