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Promoting attractive points in Central Japan and enticing foreign tourists
to visit this area

Our association is designed to promote the number of foreign tourists visiting Central Japan, cooperating with ”SHORYUDO”
( established by Chubu District Transport Bureau.
We focus on China, Greater China such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the ASEAN nations such as Thailand and Malaysia whose tourists
visit Japan increasingly.
We aim to develop a mechanism for creating attractive travel plans of Central Japan in local travel agencies, and increase the number of
tourists visiting this area.
We also cooperate with the tourism organizations, and provide superior information about Central Japan such as our unique culture,
industrial tourism, and location advantage to contribute to international interaction between Japan and oversees.

The promoter of CISP

  • Kazuhiro Osawa
    (President of Nagoya TV Tower CO., Ltd.)
  • Mitsugu Momiyama
    Managing Executive Officer(Managing Director of Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd.)
  • Hiroshi Suzuki
    (President of Central Japan branch of Japan Travel & Tourism Association)
  • Zhang Bing
    (President of Overseas Chinese Travel Agents Association of Central Japan)
  • Katsumi Miyazawa
    (Chief of Central Japan branch of Japan Hotel Association(President of JR Tokai Hotels Co., Ltd. ))
  • Hitoshi Sakakibara
    (Executive Director of Aichi Prefectural Tourism Association)
  • Tatsuro Hioki
    ( President of Sapporo Kanihonke CO., Ltd.)