TOP > 8 beauties of Central Japan

1.The rich nature and scenery of the beautiful four seasons

Central Japan, the middle place in Japan. There are full of fascinating nature of sea and mountains.
The nature of mountains such as Mt.Fuji and the Japan Alps and the vast sea show us the beautiful scenery through the four seasons.
A plum tree and cherry tree bloom in springs, the blue sea and thunderhead are beautiful in summers, mountains are ablaze with fall colors in autumns, and fantastic snowscape attract you in winters.
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • marine sports
  • Autumn leaves
  • Gokayama

2.Varied activity menu

The variety of activities can be amused in Central Japan.
You can experience; the marine recreation spots, such as beaches, marina, and fishing spots.
The activity menu of mountains , such as skiing, snowboarding, and ropeways.
You will also have experiences the traditional crafts and food manufacturing in various locations.
  • traditional crafts
  • skiing
  • barbecue
  • beaches

3.The historic scenery with full of Japanese flavor

Central Japan is the hometown of many great person who have built Japan including Ieyasu Tokugawa.
The streetscape leaving castles and medieval Japanese relic remain throughout Central Japan, and especially famous in Takayama and Kanazawa.
The traditional original scenery in Japan like Shirakawago and Gokayama, which are a world heritage, remain in several locations.
  • Gokayama
  • matsumoto castle
  • takayama
  • nagoya castle

4.The variety of hot springs

The famous hot spring resorts including Gero Onsen, which is one of the three best hot springs in Japan, and Sakakibara Onsen concentrate in Central Japan.
The virtue of hot springs varies by a hot spring resort. You will relieve the fatigue of the trip and be refreshed.
You can also enjoy the special gourmets only in the hot spring resorts. You will have experiences of ceramics and fiber technology.
  • hot springs
  • yukata
  • spa town
  • hot springs

5.Luxurious and fresh gourmet

In Central Japan, there are variety of gastronomic menu which is a wealth of nature cherished.
You can taste fresh seafood such as crab, globefish, and abalone, and also oysters dish and sushi.
Moreover, the Hida cow and the Matsuzaka cow are also special products of this area. The luxurious meat dishes cannot be missed as well. You will fully be satisfied the high quality cuisine with the sense of sight and taste.
  • hida beaf
  • sushi
  • crab
  • oyster

6.Integrated place of manufacturing

Central Japan, which has led manufacturing of Japan, own advanced technology.
Including Toyota Motor, industry firms such as ceramics, aerospace instruments, machine tools concentrate.
Traditional handicrafts, such as pottery and textile, are prosperous as well.
The accumulation of industrial tourism and destinations of Business Visitational Tour is number one in Japan.
  • Factory night view
  • Toyota motors
  • manufacturing
  • Tpottery and tsxtile

7.Advantageous location. Convenient access.

Central Japan is located in the centre part in Japan, and have the best access to transportation.
Using Shinkansen bullet train toward Nagoya, it is approximately 100 minutes from Tokyo, 50 minutes from Osaka, and 35 minutes from Kyoto. The transportation by car is also convenient, since the express highway spread to the north, south, east, and west.
  • Nagoya city
  • Mt.fuji and Shinkansen
  • Centrair international Airport
  • express highway

8.The gateway to Central Japan, excellent place Nagoya

Nagoya is a mysterious area where historical buildings such as Nagoya Castle, and modern buildings exist together.
Nagoya is located near the Chubu Centrair International Airport and there are Shinkansen bullet train as well.
It has much sightseeing spots such as zoo, aquarium, art museum, and industrial tourism facilities.
There are many tourist attractions in this compact town, and the access is also convenient.
  • Nagoya catsle
  • Sakae town
  • Nagoya public Aquarium
  • Atsuta shrine